weekend reading


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This week almost did me in. It started with me working from home and having a really productive day and then took a nose dive from there. I’m looking forward to spending time with friends this weekend and┬átaking a moment to reset.

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burn out


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My job is one where the busiest time of our year is the holidays. I work for a nonprofit and (in case you didn’t know), most donations are made just before the end of the year. It leads to a super busy period for everyone in the office, not just me, and it tends to make me a little insane.

After the holidays, I try to use the new year as a time to reset and recharge after all this craziness. This year, I’ve struggled. A lot. Two weeks in and I was still unable to focus, definitely not reaching my full productive potential. For a person who lives and dies by her to do list and calendar, this has been abnormal. With the prospect of my annual evaluation looming, I had to take drastic measures to get things back in order. Here are a few things I’ve learned.

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