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Rebecca De Ravenel earrings have been pretty ubiquitous since last spring, but I could never quite convince myself that they were a necessary addition to my wardrobe. But as summer clothes are starting to emerge in stores, I keep coming back to them, particularly this gold pair. I’m thinking of finally pulling the trigger and buying them for an upcoming wedding.

P.S. If you love the look but not the price, BaubleBar has a similar set.


weekend reading


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This week almost did me in. It started with me working from home and having a really productive day and then took a nose dive from there. I’m looking forward to spending time with friends this weekend and taking a moment to reset.

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getting choked up


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Chokers have been making a comeback for awhile now. As a child of the 90s, I’m fully in favor of this trend and I’ve bought a couple that have seamlessly integrated into my wardrobe. (This one is my favorite). Most of them are thinner, delicate, easily layered. I was out on Saturday night when I saw a girl wearing one much more substantial (like this) and immediately wanted one for myself.  Here are a few I’m currently coveting.

Fallon Monarch Fishnet Sash Choker, $190.
This long choker can be wrapped, tied, or draped. I’m in love with the intricate mesh construction and the variety of ways it can be worn.

ASOS Night Velvet Choker, $10.
If you’re looking for a simple, neutral choker look no further.

Dannijo Aria Velvet Choker, $20.
This stunner comes in rich blue or deep cranberry and is priced over 50% off. Get it before time runs out!

Amber Sceats Selena Choker, $199.
This is an upgraded version of the gold metal choker I love so much.

best buys : thacker


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A friend clued me into Thacker a few months ago, and so far I’ve been nothing but impressed. The premise behind their clothing (and accessories!) is that everything should be able to be mixed and matched, giving you a cohesive but minimalist wardrobe. They stick mostly to solids, nothing too crazy, and almost everything is appropriate for work. (I work in a corporate office, but still refuse to buy an actual). Best of all, right now they’re having a huge sale! Tons of items are currently 50% off. Do yourself a favor and go check it out.

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best dressed : golden globes


I didn’t realize the Golden Globes were last night until after they had already started. (That usually isn’t the case, but I blame a busy day of organizing combined with an attempt to spend less time on my phone). I did manage to tune in, mostly so that I could see what everyone was wearing. Here are my favorite looks from the night.

First up, Emma Stone. This girl can do no wrong in my book and last night her dress was undoubtedly my favorite. It’s pink with stars on it. What more does a girl need?

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