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I’m not always great at resolutions. I always start with the loftiest of intentions and then sometime around March, like so many others before me, I lose my focus or my motivation and revert back to whatever I was doing before I decided to make such grand changes to my life.

This year, I’m trying something a little different. This year, I’m focusing on one project. Something with a very clear end game.

Decluttering my house. 

After I graduated college, I moved around a bit. I lived in three apartments in two cities in five years before buying my house. Moving forced me to keep clutter under control. I was getting rid of so much junk every other year or so. When I bought a house, that natural decluttering ceased. And now, I have more stuff than any sane human needs.

So, I’m setting out to fix it. And I have a secret weapon.

External pressure.

Over the years, I have learned that I am a person who is highly motivated by my accountability to other people. Much more so than even the most intense internal pressure. So, when a friend asked me to host an engagement party for them next summer, I immediately agreed. Knowing that a large group of people will be milling around my house is exactly the sort of kick in the pants I need to get this process started.

And, because I am nothing if not an overachiever, I thought I’d add another layer.

You. Whoever is reading this. I’ll post updates throughout the year – nothing too in depth, don’t worry – on how it’s going. What’s working, what isn’t, any amazing tips or services that I discover along the way.

By the time the party rolls around, I expect to have a completely uncluttered home and a completely fulfilled New Year’s resolution.


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