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Life After Life is one of my favorite books that I’ve read in the past few years. I’ve been recommending it to friends and family since I first read it, and last week I decided it was time to read it for a second time. If possible, I loved it even more.

Without going into too much detail, Life After Life is the story of a woman born in England in 1910 who, every time she dies, comes back to life. Each time she is reborn, so to speak, there are nuanced differences in the story – small changes that have just enough of an effect to lead her down a different path.

The one caveat I always give with my recommendation – to enjoy the book, you need to not question why she keeps being reborn and just accept that it happens. It’s not about why this happens to her. It’s about what happens to her.

And, if you read it and love it, Atkinson wrote a companion novel of sorts about another member of the family called A God in Ruins. It’s a completely different story but if you enjoy Atkinson’s writing, I’d highly recommend it.


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