in season : brussels sprouts


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I don’t care how trendy (or untrendy) brussels sprouts are on a dinner menu – they will always be at the top of my list. Now, I understand that there aren’t that many different ways to cook brussels sprouts. Consider it even more of a reason to try out every different way possible to prepare them.

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currently : following


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As most people are these days, I’m a little Instagram obsessed. Lately, I noticed that a few of my favorite accounts have something in common – color. They seem bright, light, and happy. Here are a few that I like most.

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Rebecca De Ravenel earrings have been pretty ubiquitous since last spring, but I could never quite convince myself that they were a necessary addition to my wardrobe. But as summer clothes are starting to emerge in stores, I keep coming back to them, particularly this gold pair. I’m thinking of finally pulling the trigger and buying them for an upcoming wedding.

P.S. If you love the look but not the price, BaubleBar has a similar set.

weekend reading


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This week almost did me in. It started with me working from home and having a really productive day and then took a nose dive from there. I’m looking forward to spending time with friends this weekend and taking a moment to reset.

  • If you’re needing some career inspiration, start by following these accounts.

weekend reading


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Did you know that Blue Monday was a thing? I definitely did not, but it totally makes sense – and gave a little added meaning to my post about dealing with burn out at work. I’m taking my own advice and dedicating a little time to myself this weekend. Tonight, I’m breaking out some of my favorite beauty products (this sheet mask and this lip mask, which I got for Christmas), ordering dinner from my favorite Thai restaurant, pouring myself a glass of wine, and catching up on the TV I didn’t get to watch this week. It’s going to be amazing.

  • Here’s some great advice for travelling on a budget. I had to get a new passport this month after mine expired and I’m already itching to use it.
  • This is a good reminder that the concept of “balance” is really an ongoing thing and it’s okay to be a constant work-in-progress.

january essentials


NARS Audacious Lipstick in Charlotte
This deep, berry hue has been my go-to lipstick this winter. Whether it’s a night out or during the day with nothing more than mascara, it’s versatile enough for almost any occasion. My only complaint is that there isn’t a shade in my name.

I’ve been trying to drink more water lately and this app is helping me do it. (A cute water bottle doesn’t hurt either; I bought one of these). You can save multiple different size bottles that you regularly drink from, add them up as the day goes on, and even schedule different reminders (either at a certain time of day, in regular intervals, or only if you’re behind on your goal). It’s one of the only things I’ve found that is actually making a difference and, so far, I’ve hit my goal 15 out of 19 days this month!


Sheet Pan Dinners
During the winter, I tend to be at my laziest. Combine that with a desire to be healthy and I’ve got a problem. Usually, I combat it by making a massive pot of soup at the beginning of the week. While that certainly makes lunch easy, for dinner I prefer to make something more substantial. That’s where sheet pan dinners come in. It’s exactly what it sounds like – throw a bunch of stuff onto one sheet pan and about half an hour (ish) later, you’ve got an entire dinner ready to go. Find more tips, tricks, and recipes here.

KNC Beauty Collagen Infused Lip Mask
This temperamental weather has done a number on my skin and lips this winter. Enter, this saving grace. My lips feel soft and are decidedly not chapped, which is important when you’re wearing bold shades (like the one above). Also, it’s kind of hilarious and adorable to wear.


Shashi Bar Earrings
I was given these earrings as a Christmas gift, and they immediately became my go-to pick for work. I’m a person who rarely leaves the house without having earrings on and these are perfect for when I want something more understated, but still cool and pretty. The rose gold is especially good with my skin tone, but they also come in gold and silver.

Hollywood Sweater Saver
As it’s (usually) quite cold outside, my winter wardrobe consists of more than a few sweaters. This takes care of all those little bumps that tend to appear on woven clothing over time. I keep a stash in the laundry room and it’s been getting a lot of use lately.

getting choked up


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Chokers have been making a comeback for awhile now. As a child of the 90s, I’m fully in favor of this trend and I’ve bought a couple that have seamlessly integrated into my wardrobe. (This one is my favorite). Most of them are thinner, delicate, easily layered. I was out on Saturday night when I saw a girl wearing one much more substantial (like this) and immediately wanted one for myself.  Here are a few I’m currently coveting.

Fallon Monarch Fishnet Sash Choker, $190.
This long choker can be wrapped, tied, or draped. I’m in love with the intricate mesh construction and the variety of ways it can be worn.

ASOS Night Velvet Choker, $10.
If you’re looking for a simple, neutral choker look no further.

Dannijo Aria Velvet Choker, $20.
This stunner comes in rich blue or deep cranberry and is priced over 50% off. Get it before time runs out!

Amber Sceats Selena Choker, $199.
This is an upgraded version of the gold metal choker I love so much.